Sub Contracting/Project Managing Services

modern-gardenSub Contracting Services

Is there a period during the works where your running behind on the schedule. $50.00 per hour allows you to employe Landscope to help kick your job along. Minimum 6 hour daily rate applies. Landscope will provide expertise in all aspects of landscaping including the supply of tools. All works will be guaranteed. No machinary available in this rate.

Project Managed

Pools/Tennis courts, cabana/indoor outdoor rooms and playground equipment are increasingly more popular. Our experience in using one contractor rather than multiple not only can save money and headaches, but is a service well worth the thought. Whether you sign up your very own contractors, consider using Landscope, a one stop shop contractor. We can arrange and co-ordinate these into your Landscaping project. We provide a complete service as one contractor managing the whole process, which intern makes for an easier and smoothly ran project


  • Broadmeadows Hospital: Landscaping of court yard including concreting, planting, instant turfing and Installation of irrigation system. 2003
  • Melbourne Museum: Irrigation through out the entire complex. Year 1999-2001
  • Swanston Street Walk: Paving and curb and channel development. Year 1987-1988
  • Bay St Port Melbourne: Irrigation, Installation of Lawns and garden beds. Year 2001
  • Beach St Port Melbourne: City Of Port Phillip, Bluestone retaining wall and asphalt paving. Irrigation, Installation of Lawns and gardens. Year 2001
  • Telstra Dome: External Landscaping including gardens, Lawns and Irrigation Year 2000
  • Docklands Precinct: Irrigation and installation of lawns and gardens. Year 2000


  • Beacon Cove Port Melb: (Residential Development) homes and common areas. Year 1997-2002
  • Kingston Heath Cheltenham: (Residential Development) Homes and common areas. Year 2002-2003
  • Kensington Banks: (Residential Development) Completion of lawns, irrigation, gardens in parks. Year 1999-2002
  • Watsonia Chiropractic Centre: Lawns, gardens, Driveway (concrete) and irrigation. Year 1998
  • Hays Paddock Kew :( Disabled play ground) Timber structures, gardens, lawns and play ground equipment. Year 1997
  • Year 2002 – 2010 Mainly Residential up to 30 homes per year.
  • List of residential projects